CORT® Complete Organoleptic Response Test

Abaco has more than 30 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative research about all aspects of products. We conduct testing in three different ways:

  1. Follow client protocols, obeying all controls and processes pre-established to maintain the comparability of results and measurements.
  2. Using our own methodology- CORT®
  3. A combination of 1 and 2- maintaining the norms of the client, while at the same time, adding valuable information that will optimize products.
How does CORT® uncover valuable information?

Consumers receive information through various senses and organs: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, mouth, skin, fingers... through the body in general.

Consumer purchase decision making is influenced by all organoleptic senses, with or without conscious perception. They make four evaluations that lead them to purchase or reject the product:

  1. Functionality
  2. Satisfy particular tastes
  3. Comparison to substitute goods
  4. Value for price

CORT® will uncover the thought process of your target customers regarding these four evaluation categories.

ABACO's experience with Product Testing

Alcoholic beverages Cleaning Products Cars and Vans
Bottled Water Kitchen Appliances Heavy and Light Trucks
Candies and Chewing Gum Personal Care Items Refrigerators
Juices Female Hygiene Products Cellular Phones
Frozen Desserts First Aid Machinery
Flavored Cough-Syrups Cosmetics Audio and Video Equipment
Salty and Sweet Snacks Perfumes Chairs and Office Dividers
Dietary Supplements Colognes Air Conditioners
Milk Additives Diapers Printers

Logistics of Product Testing

  • Receive test products
  • unpack and Check in
  • Count and Recount
  • Label and Repackage
  • Ship to field cities
  • Receive used test products
  • Make images of test effects
  • Evaluate, weigh, measure, etc.
  • Repack and label used product
  • Ship to Client
  • Destroy or recycle all physical evidence of the research