Ad-Visor Diagnostics System is used for optimizing all forms of human communication.

Ad-Visor® is applied in both qualitative and quantitative settings, at any stage of development from video storyboard to campaign post-testing.  It has norms learned in about 2,000 studies and maintained in the current structure for ~600 studies.

It calls for extensive questionnaires + Eye-Tracking + Facial Coding to get the whole picture.

  • Eye-Tracking tells us what they really Saw;
  • Facial Coding tells us what instantaneous micro-emotions they Felt;
  • Answers to 50 questions (see below checklist) explain Why.

That means ABACO can tell you what needs to be adjusted to maximize appeal to any of your customers’ Four Vital Organs: Eye, Heart, Brain, and Pocket.  You can call these the Soft and Hard Appeals: Type 1 and Type 2 thinking.