Mission Impossible success-story for Trade

“Operation Jungle Storm” Ábaco performed face-to-face interviews with 46,000 respondents in 130 locations scattered throughout Brazil’s 8,516,000 km^2, many “in transit” such as aboard railroads, or remote places without paved roads, or underground,… in two weeks.

  1. Exhaustive planning, coordination, and foresight
  2. Based on 40 years of diversified Brazilian market experience
  3. Qualified, well-trained teams in the right places at the right times
  4. Efficient, economical travel itinerary for each interviewer
  5. Special equipment: steel-tipped shoes, boots, protective helmet
  6. Localized backup for items lost or damaged by tropical climate
  7. Coordination with local client personnel wherever available
  8. HQ and regional teams on-line 24/7 to handle emergencies
  9. At every step of the project, Plan B and Plan C ready to roll out.

Just some of the Trade Fairs/ NGOs who have benefited from ABACO’s research…