ABACO’s CG&S Experience

Taste tests with kids, teens, and moms, dads, and everyone in-between

Mystery Shopping for ALL restaurants of brand each month

Mystery Shopping requiring immediate temperature check and dairy content test within 10 minutes

Hundreds of packaging and branding studies for all types of consumables

Mission-Impossible Success Story in Consumer Experience

“Four in one day” secretive audience tests

  1. Recruit four audiences consecutively… each with 50 participants
  2. Validate identification and NDAs in an isolated reception area
  3. …with popcorn and beverage kiosk.
  4. Perform 70 minute quantitative audience tests on tablets in a quiet auditorium
  5. After each test, a 60 minute focus group with 8 people chosen by their test responses
  6. …. In adjoining one-way mirror FocusVision venues.
  7. Done! See Ábaco-Lab: all these facilities in one building.

Just some of the CG&S brands who have benefited from ABACO’s research…