Brazil Feeds the World

Brazil’s agribusiness contributes 22% of the country’s GDP: 7% by farming, 5-6% by the machines and equipment used in farming and food production, and 10-12% by related services like

logistics, trade, financing, and technology.

Brazil provides 76% of global orange juice exports and accounts for nearly half of all sugar cane, soybean, and chicken exports.

To complete a well-rounded menu, Brazil exports more coffee and beef than any other country.

Brazilian growers already feed 1.2 billion people, and will continue to supply a greater proportion of the world’s expanding population each year.

The growers and their local suppliers compose a large and savvy market, avid for advanced world-class equipment and technologies that can increase their productivity and competitiveness.

Abaco’s decades of rural and B2B research experience, qualitative and quantitative, make Abaco Brazil the ideal partner for your next market research studies.

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