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ABACO's Brazil Business Bulletin is full of market info and new business ideas. Visit one of the links [right] to read a BBB and see where a little detailed insight can take your business…

Published in March of 2018, is Abaco's first mini-bulletin, which explains the basics for how SEL is measured in Brazil and why this matters for your business. Take a look at it here.

Click here to see Abaco's 12th Brazil Business Bulletin about women in the workplace, Temer's privatization plans, and all about how Brazilians are pet crazy!

Past BBBs

BBB12 Economic Participation of Women; Online Activity; Pet Crazy; Privatization of Public Corporations; Skin-Care Products

BBB11 Effects of Impeachment; Diabetes; Rio Olympics; São Paulo- Largest City in Americas; Voting Regulations; Finance; Jaguar Land Rover Factory; Coffee Exports

BBB10 Direct Foreign Investment; Consumer Traends; Inflation and Foreign Reserves; Cachaça

BBB9 Perfume & Deodorant; Cosmetics; Fitness-Obsessed Population; Sweet-Tooth; Alternative Fuels

BBB8 Elder Care; Renewable Energy; Mega-Event Preparation; Beauty Products; Health Foods

BBB7 Plastic Surgery; Inter-city Commuting; Physician and Specialists; Food Exports

BBB6 New Research Facility; Cell Phone Use; Population Density by Region; Reduced Consumption of Tobacco Products

BBB5 Physicians; Group Health Insurance; Deep-Ocean Petroleum; Strategic Trade Partners

BBB4 DST Explained; Population Update; Growing Middle-Class; Amazon Comes to Brazil; Discretionary Income; Sports Spending

BBB3 Top Trade Partners; Populaiton Growth; Fertility Rate; Growing Upper-Class; Democratic Eduation

BBB2 Dilma Rousseff to be Next President; Real rising against Dollar; Growing Automotive Sector; Infrastructure Demands

BBB1 Impact of World Cup on Economy; Health Care Markets