FULL-SOURCING… is a unique service for multi-country market research in Brazil and Latin America:

Field quality and consistency across multiple countries are a major challenge for global studies. What you need is not outsourcing, butFULL-SOURCING.

A study with different suppliers, languages and dialects, semi-bilingual contacts, field logistics, software, offset office hours, local holidays, and changing currencies… is a heavy burden for any manager. Too often a questionnaire developed for one culture is hurriedly translated and sent to diverse suppliers, without collective understanding of the objectives, cultural subtleties, or ideal adaptation for each country. Who can understand every peculiarity? Global research is such a recent pursuit that few headquarters managers can fully grasp all the cultural, linguistic, and especially logistical implications.

Here are 20 vital roles of a busy International Field Manager, across borders. Unless you can guarantee all 20 functions in-house, expect them from your research supplier. Abaco’s A-Team fulfills or supports all 20:

  1. Suggest effective field method(s) and tools, which often differ among the countries;
  2. Offer market-wise input about the regional business environment;
  3. Understand possible logistical challenges, and help plan to avoid or minimize them;
  4. Clearly understanding your English questionnaire, translate to everyday Portuguese and Spanish;
  5. Localize wording where necessary, avoiding confusion while guaranteeing comparable results;
  6. Alert you to the possible need to adapt scalar questions to guarantee compatible results;
  7. Create and apply standardized data entry and delivery formats to eliminate conversion errors;
  8. Select experienced supervisors and interviewers with proven track records;
  9. Brief and train field in the appropriate language: their own native tongue;
  10. Administer pilot tests to guarantee perfect understanding of the field materials;
  11. Give you relevant feedback: twice-weekly updates of incidence rates and quota fulfillment;
  12. On the run, adapt field procedures to compensate for climatic or infrastructure surprises;
  13. Check the quality and consistency of completed questionnaires, in the native language;
  14. Develop comprehensive, coordinated code structures that preserve local subtleties;
  15. Perform double entry of PAPI data and 100% data consistency checking;
  16. Deliver the final results, on-time, and to your Client’s total satisfaction;
  17. Check and unify payment, reducing bookkeeping, wire transfers, and currency calculations;
  18. Remain available long-term after project conclusion for desired clarifications and follow-up.
  19. When your team accompanies research, orient you about travel, holidays, climate, visas, hotels;
  20. Help you understand and interpret data influenced by cross-cultural factors.

What guarantees superior results, is Abaco’s A-Team of English Speaking research experts in São Paulo, all with Client-side experience.

  • They have designed and conducted hundreds of studies throughout the Latin American region.
  • They know which proven local partners to trust, for each study in each country, and work hand-in-hand with them to fulfill the promise of excellent data, on time.

Your results will delight clients, and your busy staff will stay at full strength, supported by Abaco’s A-Team.