ESOMAR Corporate Member

ESOMAR was established in 1948 as the ‘World Association of Marketing Research Professionals”.

In 2013, ESOMAR offered 21 prominent research entities worldwide the honor of being Founding Corporate Members. Abaco was included; we proudly uphold the ESOMAR Principles as one of these original 21 firms.

ESOMAR Standards:

  • When collecting personal data from data subjects for the purpose of research, researchers must be transparent about the information they plan to collect, the purpose for which it will be collected, with whom it might be shared and in what form.
  • Researchers must ensure that personal data used in research is thoroughly protected from unauthorized access and not disclosed without the consent of the data subject.
  • Researchers must always behave ethically and not do anything that might harm a data subject or damage the reputation of market, opinion and social research.

International Chamber of Commerce/ESOMAR Code of Conduct, pertaining to clients: (see article 7 of ICC/ESOMAR International Code)

  • Researchers must design research to the specification and quality agreed with the client.
  • Researchers must ensure that findings and any interpretation of them are clearly and adequately supported by data.
  • Researchers must on request allow clients to arrange for independent checks on the quality of data collection and data preparation.
  • Researchers must provide clients with sufficient technical information about the research to enable them to assess the validity of the results and any conclusions drawn.
  • When reporting on the results of research, researchers must make a clear distinction between the findings, the researchers’ interpretation of those findings and any conclusions drawn or recommendations made.