FocusVision Suites & Auditorium on Ave. Paulista

Two in-house FocusVision FGI/IDI suites

  • Two spacious and comfortable FGI/IDI suites
  • Wired for audio from up to 2 simultaneous translators for global studies, Dual HD cameras, Big-Screen TV for close-ups, 1080p video available for download
  • Room 1 seats 6 participants and 15 observers
  • Room 2 seats 8 participants and 8 observers
    • Large observation room at Focus Group facility in Brazil, used for market research, seats up to 16 observers comfortably

Ground-Floor Auditorium

  • Auditorium in ABACO's building
  • Appropriate for audience studies, product tests, and clinics
  • Flexible layout
  • Near public transport hub
  • Measures 100m2
    • Market Research advertisement screening auditorium in the center of São Paulo Brazil

CATI Facility

When Online Panel responders are not appropriate, we pick up the phone and call until we find the right respondents.

  • 48 monitored stations and interviewer training room (in North side of São Paulo).
  • In-house programming.
  • 100% data consistency verification available.
    • Calling stations for CATI and recruiting. Computer assisted Telephone Interview center of operations Sao Paulo Brazil.