What is ABACO Research, São Paulo Marketing Center?

An independent, full-service market research firm in São Paulo, Brazil since 1975.

  • Founded by Alan Grabowsky, USA Experimental Psychologist
  • B2B Research 30%, B2C 25%, Pharma-Medical 25%, Trade 20%
  • Innovative cost-effective Quantitative and Qualitative techniques
  • Deep diagnostics for product and brand image evaluation
  • Focus Group and In-Depth Interview facilities in city-center
  • Normative advertising pre- and post-tests
  • Mystery Shopping structure throughout Latin America
  • Team of Fluent English Speaking Brazilianists

• Auto studies with up to 8.5k interviews
• Car clinics- light/heavy trucks, new models, styling, interior, colors
• Ride-alongs with veteran truck drivers
• Mystery Shop for sales and service evaluation
• Also research on… wheels, fuel, engine lubricant, service center, tires, cab format, auto glass, spare parts, car care products…

Pharma / Health Care

• Access to universe of 460k medical doctors with 65 specialties, to recruit representative samples (instead of using a small panel of frequent respondents)
• Post-testing institutional and promotional campaigns
• Large-scale surveys of chronic ailment incidence
• IDIs with MDs and patients found by probability sampling

Banking / Finance

• Brand Identity testing for major Brazilian banks
• Pre and post-test of bank commercials
• Development of executive bank branding, communication, and service
• Quality Control study involving bank managers in 10 Latin American countries

IT / High Tech

• Exit Poll Survey of visitors at IT expositions and trade fairs
• Ethnographies with hard-core gamers for new multiplayer mobile video game
• IDIs and FGIs with IT decision makers at Enterprise Companies
• Ethnographies with teens in North and South for social media photo giant
• Sales and Customer Support analysis for Fortune 300 company


• Product testing for televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, telephones
• Artist to accompany IDIs, sketches consumer ideas to inform R&D efforts
• Annual customer satisfaction survey with owners of appliances repaired through warranty program

B2C / Consumer Goods

• Annual customer satisfaction survey with public whose incidence is 1 in 20,000
• Product testing of diapers, personal care, cleaning products, first-aid, perfumes, and much more
• Taste tests of liquors, cookies, juice, chips, etc.

Service / Commerce

• IDIs with heads of government
• Mystery Shopping at nine restaurant chains, including McDonalds and Starbucks, with 1,800 store visits monthly.
• Brand Awareness studies for hotel chains
• Conjoint analysis for major Latin American airline

Located in the business heart of the largest city in the Western World.

Ideal central location for your Quant/Qual studies.

Two comfortable and connected FGI/IDI suites
HD Video & Audio, Live Streaming, Simultaneous Translation Equipped observation rooms
Large interview room for 8-person groups
2nd FocusVision suite for IDIs & Intimate Groups- with flexible layout
CATI Facility with 48 Online Monitored Stations & Interviewer Training Center
Ground Floor Auditorium for media screenings and product testing. Near public-transportation hub.

Located in the Commercial Center of São Paulo

Avenida Paulista, 1499 13th floor, 01311-200 São Paulo, SP Brazil