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Send us a message about your current market-entry concerns, product problems, or desires to know more about your target customers. We are happy to help with the most complex of market research problems. The more details you can provide , the faster we can respond with a detailed and accruate project quote.

Take a look at Abaco's Brazilian calendar for 2018 to help plan your project. It is difficult to find participants for studies during national or regional holidays. When a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, Brazil typically takes off the Monday before or Friday after, creating a four-day weekend.

Meet In-Person

If you would like to meet face to face, come to São Paulo or meet our President, Alan Grabowsky, at one of these conferences:

Conference Dates City
NEXT 2018 April 30-May 1 New York, USA
Intellus: The 2018 Summit (PMRG+PBIRG) May 6-8 Philadelphia, USA
Congresso ABEP June 11-12 São Paulo, Brazil
ESOMAR Fall Conference September 23-26 Berlin, Germany
AMA Marketing Week October 3-5 Las Vegas, USA
Corporate Researchers Conference October 8-10 Orlando, USA


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ABACO's 2018 Brazil Calendar

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