FocusVision Suites & Auditorium on Ave. Paulista

Two in-house FocusVision FGI/IDI suites

  • FGI/IDI suites measure 140m2
  • Wired for audio from up to 2 simultaneous translators for global studies, Dual HD cameras, Big-Screen TV for close-ups, 1080p video available for download
  • Room 1 seats 6 participants and 15 observers
  • Room 2 seats 8 participants and 8 observers

Ground-Floor Auditorium

  • Auditorium in ABACO's building
  • Appropriate for audience studies, product tests, and clinics
  • Flexible layout
  • Near public transport hub
  • Measures 100m2

CATI Facility

When Online Panel responders are not appropriate, we pick up the phone and call until we find the right respondents.

  • 48 monitored stations and interviewer training room (in North side of São Paulo).
  • In-house programming.
  • 100% data consistency verification available.